I Read The News Today… For July 28, 2011

- Jul 28, 2011

Fucked Up recently performed David Comes To Life's "Queen Of Hearts" with Cults' Madeline Follin at Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party. It was the first time they'd ever done the song properly live, since Follin appears on the studio version of the tune, but hasn't appeared on stage with the band to do it live yet.

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOATA9_BF4A&feature=share]

Morrissey apparently thinks McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken are worse than the attacks in Norway. Good thing I've eaten both of those this week. Know what I haven't done? Killed people by blowing up a building and shooting them.

The premiere of the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience documentary was cancelled last night after a riot broke out because there were too many people outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Can't you kids go do something productive with your lives? Like, I don't know, go rave or something?

Primus are coming to Canada. They're playing a show at Toronto's Massey Hall on Oct. 5. Don't go if you have ears?

Metallica are playing four days of 30th anniversary shows in San Francisco for fan club members only this December. A full four day's worth of tickets will cost you $19.81 (!!!), while individual tickets are also on sale for the low price of six bones.

Salaam Remi (The Fugees), who produced part of Amy Winehouse's 2006 Back To Black with Mark Ronson, says the late singer's third album is still unfinished and probably won't be coming out in the near future. So for those of you thinking some kind of cynical Christmas cash-in was going to happen... you're probably wrong. For once.

Meanwhile, Winehouse's family think she may have died from "alcohol withdrawal," which is apparently possible and a thing. She reportedly didn't take doctors' advice to gradually come off booze and did it cold turkey, which her family think could have fucked up her system and killed her. Ironic?

Nirvana's Kurt Cobain isn't getting a bridge in his hometown of Aberdeen, Wash. named after him... but a small body of land on the Washkah River has been renamed the Cobain Landing. It's the small things that count?

Hot Hot Heat covered Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" for England's XFM once:

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr7LKPBNIhY]

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