I Fought The Law… For The Week Ending July 15, 2011

- Jul 15, 2011

Yoko Ono is threatening to sue a man who owns a bar that's dedicated to John Lennon. Her lawyers have reportedly sent him letters accusing him of copyright infringement, and stating he must change the name of Lennon's Bar and remove all images and memorabilia of the late former Beatle within two weeks. Perhaps she heard about the Jim Morrison-themed bar in Paris which is undergoing a similar battle?

British rapper Dizzee Rascal was kicked off a British Airways flight from London, England's Heathrow airport this week after he verbally abused a flight attendant. He not only missed his gig in Portugal last Saturday because of the incident, but could end up being banned from British Airways for life.

Honestly, all this arguing over Willie Nelson's pot arrest is ridiculous. Now the judge and prosecutor in the case are fighting over whether Nelson should do jail time. And funny enough, it's the prosecutor who doesn't want jail time in Nelson's sentence.

All-American Rejects singer Tyson Ritter's getting sued because he allegedly threw a can of Monster energy drink into the crowd at a show in California last summer, hitting a woman in the head and leaving her needing 12 stitches. Throwing a can into the crowd is douchey enough, but throwing a can of MONSTER ENERGY DRINK? That's like douchebaggery squared.

Foxy Brown has been cleared of violating a court order after an incident in which she mooned someone last summer. So just in case she was wondering, it's fine for her to flash her bum at people.

Here DMX was, thinking he was getting out of jail very soon... and then he was given an additional 30 days because he was reportedly caught getting drugs smuggled into jail. SIGH.

Charlie Gilmour, former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's son, has been sentenced to 16 months in the clink for his role in the London, England student protests against tuition fee increases last fall. Gilmour was accused of throwing a trash can at cars, smashing a window, sitting on a car and hung a union flag from the Cenotaph at Trafalgar Square. He was charged with violent disorder in January and entered a non-specific guilty plea in May.

A New York-based employee of Warner Music allegedly stole $700,000 U.S. from the company by making up a story about a fake business and sending fake invoices to that company. He's been charged with grand larceny and is out on $10,000 U.S. bail.

Rapper Tone Loc has been charged with two felonies in a domestic violence case, including possessing an unregistered assault rifle. The MC was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence last month and the other charge is for allegedly beating up his girlfriend. He's pleaded not guilty to both charges.

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