I Fought The Law… For Week Ending June 24, 2011

- Jun 24, 2011

U2 guitarist The Edge is not allowed to build several mansions in Malibu, Calif., since officials have reportedly said it will be "a blight on a pristine ridgeline." OK, when was the last time you heard about someone being denied permission to build a mansion in California?

Eighteen-year-old hackers: don't steal shit from Lady Gaga or she'll get her army after you and you'll end up in jail.

Rapper Tone Loc was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in Burbank, Calif. on Saturday. Don't think funky cold medinas are available in jail, are they?

Master P has been ordered to pay a paltry $271 U.S. a month in child support for his four children. Yes, four. That's based on a monthly income of $1,387 U.S. he's reported. It's probably still enough to make him say UHHHHHHHH!

Andy Baio has settled a lawsuit involving the cover of his Miles Davis 8bit project, Kind Of Bloop, for $32,500 U.S. He was sued after he took the cover for Davis' Kind Of Blue and recreated a pixel art version of it.

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent's been ordered to attend an anger management course after a domestic abuse case against him has been temporarily "retired" for a year. The charges are based on an alleged incident in which Vincent's wife accuses him of smacking her in the face and then dragging her by the hair through a pile of broken glass before throwing her onto the ground repeatedly. FEEL THE POWER OF THE ANKH.

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