I Read The News Today… For May 30, 2011

- May 30, 2011

Somebody call 911! Sean Kingston was critically injured yesterday evening while jet skiing in Miami... he apparently crashed his water craft into a bridge. Which begs the question: how do you not notice something like a bridge is right in front of you? I mean, a bridge is kinda big.

Supertramp are playing Vancouver this Thursday! So, if you had no idea what to get your dad for Father's Day...

Minotaurs, FemBots member Nathan Lawr's new folk/Afrobeat project, are releasing a remix EP dubbed Fink Ployd: The Thing Remixed on June 30. It'll feature reworkings of their tunes by Jim Guthrie, I Am Robot And Proud, Kite Hill (a.k.a. Ryan Carley of Ohbijou) and The Straggler (King Cobb Steelie's Kevin Lynn).

Want to hear the new Arctic Monkeys album? Good, 'cause it's up on SoundCloud.

Trent Reznor and Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O have covered Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song." It's being used in the trailer for the U.S. version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which actually looks pretty fucking badass (but still probably won't be as good as the Swedish version):

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kOFGI0p6SM&feature=player_embedded]

Hey, Anglophiles: Frank Turner's England Keep My Bones album is streaming over here.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor are working on new material! That sound you just heard was hipsters everywhere jizzing their pants.

Radiohead have covered 20 songs. Wanna get them for free? Go here.

Magneta Lane are releasing a Spanish EP called Gambling With God. Wait, shouldn't it be called Juego Con Dios then? Hmm.

Today in "Thanks, Captain Obvious": Amy Winehouse's new album has been delayed again... because she's in rehab.

Rancid are going to start recording their eighth studio album after they finish touring with Blink-182. Yeah, it'll probably sound like The Clash.

U2 paid tribute to Amnesty International at their gig in Winnipeg last night, raising a glass to celebrate the international human rights organization's 50th anniversary. About 50,000 people at Winnipeg's Canad Inns Stadium sang "Happy Birthday."

Library Voices' new Summer Of Lust album is coming out Aug. 23. They're also touring this summer!

Guys! Tupac is alive and living in New Zealand! ...No. No, he's not.

To whoever broke into Surfer Blood's van in Seattle and stole their bags: I hope you get the worst runny diarrhea ever. In public.

Several new films have been confirmed to screen at this year's North By Northeast Film Festival, which runs June 13 to 19 in Toronto. Check out flicks about Lou Reed, rapper Sensational and Vancouver's punk scene.

Ratatat don't want you bringing your fucking cellphones to their shows.

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