I Read The News Today… For March 21, 2011

- Mar 21, 2011

Tool Lite A Perfect Circle are coming to a North American city near you. It's just like 2002 all over again! Yeah!!! —Spin

A man's ear is being used to blow up balloons in this Cars video, there's some sort of marble rolling around, an evil scientist and... I don't... ... ... goddamnit, just watch it:

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxqxNzlEFM4&feature=youtu.be]

Did you miss that Yuck show in Norwich, England that you so desperately wanted to go to, but couldn't because you got grounded at the last minute? No problem! Check out Vice's new Noisey website, which features full sets filmed by Vice videographers from around the globe. Now you can see if The Vaccines are any good before you shell out money to see them.

Chad VanGaalen, Of Montreal, Buzzcocks, Blonde Redhead, The Dandy Warhols, The Greenhornes and Sleep will headline this year's Sled Island Music Festival at venues throughout Calgary from June 22 to 25. —sledisland.com

Hip-hop hater? Travis Barker says fuck off, you "Nazi bastard." —Complex

Screeching Weasel's Ben Weasel decided to be, well, both a weasel and an asshole and punch two women in the face during the band's gig at South By Southwest on Friday night. He's apologized for it, but he's still an asshole, even if one of the women did throw ice cubes at him. It's ice, dude, and when you make assy comments about how you shouldn't have played Austin and rant on stage, don't be surprised if people get pissy. Go home and sit in your living room all sulky if you don't want to be playing shows. —Los Angeles Times

Kate Nash wants to set up after-school girls-only rock 'n' roll clubs to encourage female musicianship. Kind of like Jack Black's School Of Rock, except with way more estrogen and considerably less annoying. —The Guardian

An unreleased Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love duet called "Stinking Of You" is being used in a documentary about late Hole drummer Patty Schemel, late hole bassist Kristen Pfaff and Cobain. The film premiered last week at South By Southwest. —Perez Hilton

NOFX have released limited edition copies of "Fuck The Kids" and "Surfer" on vinyl. You can buy 'em here, and proceeds to go organizations involved in relief work in Japan.

Silverstein are releasing a single for "The Artist" from their upcoming Rescue LP on April 16, Record Store Day, which will be backed with covers of songs by Kid Dynamite, American Nightmare and Propagandhi. —silverstein.tumblr.com

No Age's "Chem Trails" is being used in a short film by director Greg Luna (MWM), which kind of just a promo for a clothing line, but watch it anyway:

[video: http://vimeo.com/21074632]

Eddie Vedder's releasing a live DVD and new solo album (on which he plays the ukulele, you guys!) on May 31. —Rolling Stone

Kings Of Leon's Jared Followill and Twilight's Ashley Greene may be dating. ...My God. That's like two barfworthy fandoms coming together. #signsoftheapocalypse —The Sun

Peter Bjorn And John's new Gimme Some album is streaming over at NPR.

Courtney Love says "it wasn't me!" Somewhere, Shaggy is laughing hysterically. —New York Post

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