I Read The News Today… For March 14, 2011

- Mar 14, 2011

Want to see a guy screaming into a microphone while a silent film plays in the background? Head to this year's Images Festival, then.

54-40 are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year by releasing a new album entitled Lost In The City. It's their 13th studio LP and it's out June 14.

The Kills are offering a free download of "DNA" from their upcoming Blood Pressures album. The LP drops April 4.

What pisses Henry Rollins off? Well, lots of things, but lately it's anti-same-sex marriage America's Defense Of Marriage Act, which was recently declared unconstitutional, dontchaknow. —Vanity Fair

Green Day and Husker Du are releasing a split seven-inch single for Record Store Day. It'll probably be pretty easy to figure out which band is which without even looking at the track list. The whiney guy? Yeah, that's Billie Joe. —Punk News

Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore is releasing a new album titled Demolished Thoughts on May 24. It's produced by Beck, which ups its freak factor by 67 per cent. —Pitchfork

Justice are back with a new single called "Civilization" on April 4. It'll probably sound like Daft Punk. —Pitchfork

The Melvins are obviously causing Earth's tectonic plates to shift. —World Entertainment News Network via Jam! Showbiz

When is Fucked Up's new album out? Let this cryptic poster give you the answer. (Hopefully the new album doesn't take that long to get to the point, 'cause wow.)

Yonge Street was once the home of many of Toronto's bars. Now Yonge Street's downtown core is mostly populated by commercial shopping centres, strip clubs and falafel shops. Check out the trailer for Yonge Street, Bruce McDonald's new documentary about Toronto's music scene past to present, below (it premieres March 21 to 23 on Bravo!):

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eTJN3DOJGs]

The new National Parks series, which finds indie songwriters writing about, uh, Canadian national parks, premieres Saturday on the Discovery World HD channel. Here's your excuse to be an indie rock couch potato. —Facebook

All you people in bands are fucking losers. —Metal Sucks

Want to get a whole bunch of Foo Fighters covers on Record Store Day? No? Well, then screw off, sour face. —NME

The iPod is 10 this year. You probably still don't have an original, but go congratulate yours for reaching double digits anyway, and play some tunes. —Gizmag

Chickenfoot's new album title is stupid. So are Chickenfoot. —Blabbermouth

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