Bez On The Run

- Nov 4, 2010

Bez on the run! Bez on the ruuu-uuun!

Happy Mondays dancer Bez texted his ex-girlfriend, who he wasn't supposed to contact under the terms of a restraining order imposed against him in August. So now he's fled his home and cops are currently looking for him so they can arrest him, according to The Sun. That means there's a Bez on the run!

It's likely that Bez won't want to do any time over the incident, since being stuck inside four walls, sent inside forever, never seeing no one nice again like you, mama, would be horrible.

Maybe if he is jailed, he'll have thoughts like this:

"If I ever get out of here,
Thought of giving it all away
To a registered charity.
All I need is a pint a day
If I ever get out of here."

The rain exploded in a mighty crash earlier this year as Bez and his ex-girlfriend fell into the sun. By that, we mean he was sentenced to four months of jail time after refusing to do community service for strangling his ex. And so his girlfriend took him to court and the judge said there, "I hope you're having fun."

Now we've got a Bez on the run and the jailer man and sailor Sam are searching everyone for a Bez on the run.

Well, I'm sure the chief of police is drawing a heavy sigh seeing as no one else has come, and a bell is ringing in the village square for maraca-carrying dancers on the run because there's a Bez on the run, and the jailer man and sailor Sam are searching every one.

The night was falling as the English capital began to settle down and in the town they're searching for him everywhere, but will he ever be found? He's a Bez on the run, and the county judge who held a grudge will search for ever more for a Bez on the run.

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