Sally Seltmann Indebted To Feist

- Mar 22, 2010

Sally Seltmann has Leslie Feist to thank for her newfound sense of confidence.

The Australian singer/songwriter, responsible for penning the lyrics to Feist's breakout, iPod commercial hit "1234," recently released a new album Heart That's Pounding. But she's also decided to drop her old New Buffalo moniker, opting to release this album under her own name instead.

"I'd always call myself New Buffalo because I was a bit shy and wanted to hide behind a name," said Seltmann. "I got sick of telling people that it was a solo project, not a band and I just wanted to do something different with this album.

"Someone suggested the name change to me to me and I thought I'd be happy to do it. It's less complicated to me to just be Sally Seltmann."

Seltmann also partially credits her new attitude on Heart That's Pounding to Feist's international success with "1234" — originally titled "Sally's Song" before being renamed — and says hearing Feist's poppier take on her song "made [her] more confident in her own songwriting."

"I didn't simply sit there and think it was great to have success as a songwriter and that I was doing well; I still wanted to push to try harder and harder," she says.

"It really influenced my thinking because of that, and made me look outside of how I would normally look at a song. Like the song 'The Truth' on my album; I wrote it as a really slow piano ballad and the way we recorded it was quite different.

"I think of how Feist changed my song and that just made me more open to reworking songs and making them different."

The singer's 16-month old daughter is another confidence booster. She's currently on tour with Seltmann and husband Darren Seltmann (of The Avalanches), who now drums in her band.

"It's our first time touring with this line up and having my husband drum for me, so it's really exciting and lots of fun.

"Our daughter's coping really well right now, too! We just really wanted it to be like that, to be together on tour."

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