Megadeth Criticize Fan Who Shot Up Dawson College

- Sep 29, 2006

Megadeth were one of Kimveer Gill's favourite bands, but frontman Dave Mustaine says the man who went on a murderous shooting rampage at Montreal's Dawson College earlier this month was "not worthy of being a Megadeth fan."

Megadeth performed in front of almost 7,000 people at Montreal's Bell Centre on Wednesday night, and Mustaine did everything he could to distance himself from Gill, who killed one person and injured 19 others before he was gunned down by police.

Gill wrote in his blog on the website that Megadeth's "A Tout Le Monde" helped convince him to launch his assault on the school.

"The guy who went to Dawson College and shot everyone, it's terrible," Mustaine told the crowd. "Aside from the fact that what he did was wrong, we have a relationship with Montreal, and that really pissed us off."

Megadeth's guitarist and drummer, Glenn Drover and Shawn Drover, are originally from Montreal. The city is also a frequent stop on the band's tour itinerary. The group play "A Tout Le Monde" in Montreal because the title and lyrics are in French, and the audience sang along with it enthusiastically during the concert.

Mustaine wrote the song about his mother, who died when he was young, and he was very offended when he found out that Gill referred to it when outlining the plan for his gun spree.

"I was so angry that this guy would use my song, and that he would try and turn that beautiful song into something ugly and nasty," Mustaine said in an interview with CBC News before the show. "It's for those who lost their lives, and it's a gift to those who are in the process of healing."

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