Black Rebel Motorcycle Prep Album, Are Free To Tour

- Mar 5, 2003

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fans rejoice! The surly three-piece are putting the finishing touches on the follow up to their 2000 self-titled album. According to, the band are currently in Los Angeles mixing the tracks. Robert Turner claims that the new album, which will be titled Take Them On, On Your Own, will be more "natural" and live sounding than its predecessor. He also revealed that the band will spend much of their summer extensively touring North America. In the past BRMC have had a whole mess of trouble touring, due to drummer Nick Jago’s immigration problems. Jago, who was born in England but grew up in the United States, had never been granted a proper U.S. work visa. This made touring in the U.S. and especially Canada difficult, if not at times impossible. Luckily, after years of struggling with the U.S. government, the band has cleared up Jago’s visa troubles and according to the BRMC website as of February 18 Jago has been free to tour. Apparently, Jago had the help of a high-profile humanitarian lobbyist — none other than Bono. Bono, recognizing the tragedy of the situation, allegedly wrote a letter to the American government asking them to grant Jago a work permit. Looks like the benevolent one’s good word pushed Jago’s case over the top, because the drummer got his paperwork shortly after. No release date has been named for Take Them On, On Your Own at this time. Stay tuned to ChartAttack for any breaking BRMC news.

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