How-To-Dress-Well Words I Don't Remember

How To Dress Well’s new mix is a vision of the year-end future

Nov 26, 2014

Tom Krell is back with another splintered hour of his favourite music, you and i are the same.

Saxsyndrum - Maceonectar music video

PREMIERE: Montreal electro-jazz duo Saxsyndrum unleash a trippy, tropical new video for “Maceonectar”

Nov 26, 2014

Fondly remember what leaves looked like with the new clip from the experimental Montreal jazz duo.

jian ghomeshi arrested

Jian Ghomeshi Arrested for Sexual Assault

Nov 26, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi is now facing criminal charges for the high-profile allegations of sexual assault. He'll appear in court this afternoon.


Jian Ghomeshi quietly withdraws $55 million CBC lawsuit

Nov 25, 2014

Under investigation for sexual assault, Ghomeshi has dropped his bad faith lawsuit against his former employer.

prince breakfast can wait

Prince deletes The Facebook Account Formerly Associated with Prince

Nov 25, 2014

Prince continues to confuse everybody on the internet by deleting his Facebook, Twitter and most of his YouTube videos.

killer mike

Killer Mike delivers tearful speech on Ferguson decision

Nov 25, 2014

As Killer Mike tries to turn this into a teachable moment and Solange reflects, Q-Tip protests in New York City.

New Albums You Can Stream Now feat Beyoncé

8 Albums You Can Stream Right Now: Beyoncé, Songs: Ohia, Cellphone and more…

Nov 25, 2014

In case you need another reminder you need to start your holiday shopping, deluxe editions, remix tapes and reissues dominate this week's streams.