river tiber uncharted

UNCHARTED: It’s River Tiber’s turn

May 12, 2016

It seems like everything in Toronto flows back to River Tiber. With the upcoming release of his debut album Indigo, it's all about him.

Uncharted - Keita Juma

UNCHARTED: Keita Juma asks “What’s next?”

Mar 1, 2016

The Mississauga rapper/beatmaker has a sound all his own and people are vibing on it, but he'll never stop pushing it forward.

Uncharted - 2016

UNCHARTED: 12 Canadian artists we’re excited for in 2016

Jan 7, 2016

Shadowy R&B, queer punk, an electro-punk favourite reinventing herself, and more to look forward to this year.

Uncharted - Nap Eyes

UNCHARTED: Halifax’s Nap Eyes made the best album you haven’t heard yet

Jul 16, 2015

As Whine of the Mystic gets treated to a juicy reissue, Nigel Chapman talks biochemistry, 11th century poets, religion, Joe Strummer and the benefits of drinking. So songwriting, basically.

Uncharted - Jazz Cartier

UNCHARTED: Jazz Cartier is Toronto’s next big rapper, because he planned it that way

May 7, 2015

Jazz Cartier has been choreographing his ascent since he was a teenager. Now that it's happening, he's still going up.

Uncharted - Alex Calder

UNCHARTED: Up late with Alex Calder

Apr 16, 2015

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Alex Calder talks Instagram censorship, hippie parents, and why every musician eventually leaves Edmonton.

Uncharted - Egyptrixx

UNCHARTED: Egyptrixx defines the rules of his game

Feb 5, 2015

Toronto producer David Psutka is about to release his third album under his dark, minimalist techno alias Egyptrixx. And he's doing it his way.