lemon bucket orkestra - touries

5 of Lemon Bucket Orkestra’s most memorable tour stories

Jun 29, 2016

The 15-piece Toronto band has one of the strangest, most diverse resumes in all of music.


Touring didn’t kill PUP, but it did give them a lot of good stories

May 27, 2016

Most of the Toronto punk band's road stories take place in or near a bathroom.

the dirty nil - touries

TOURIES: The Dirty Nil’s highest and lowest moments as a band

Feb 25, 2016

Does meeting your idol cancel out getting banned from playing a restaurant that pays in burritos? We ask the Hamilton rockers.

Touries - Jennifer Castle

TOURIES: How tapping into nature guides Jennifer Castle on the road

Jun 18, 2015

The Toronto singer/songwriter uses flowers, hot springs and "the local moment" to keep her songs forever living and breathing.

Touries - Shearing Pinx

TOURIES: Shearing Pinx meet John Waters, deal with stab wounds, and find their true calling in life

Mar 3, 2015

As a hard-working punk act on the road for ten years, stories—like mechanic bills—tend to pile up.

Touries - Hooded Fang

TOURIES: Hooded Fang’s April Aliermo on the intersections between touring and family

Jan 8, 2015

Three stories of how touring misadventures turned positive because of relatives around the world.

TOURIES: White Fence’s Tim Presley is happily disgusting

May 23, 2012

Some bands view touring with wide eyes and excitement. Others really, really hate it. Touries is a weekly discussion of touring life and the memorable moments that come along with it. This week we hear from White Fence’s Tim Presley about Guy Fieri, SXSW, and Ty Segall.