RAMjams: Our weekly roundup of underground electronic music is good for all kinds of dancing

However you feel like moving, we've got it covered.

- Jan 13, 2014

With the rise of the Internet as a music platform, affordable recording technology, and online audio distribution platforms, it's harder than ever to keep up with electronic music. RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of odd, unusual, or otherwise remarkable underground and overlooked electronic music you might have missed.

Do you feel like dancing? Of course you do. You've either got a muffin in you or you don't, and in either case you can dance happy or sad. This week's RAMjams has both covered, with Ras G, The Field and much more.

1. Ras G, “GMO Hoes”: We know that the intergalactic funk lord is a fan of vegetarian cuisine, so it follows that he wouldn't be too keen on genetically modified stuff. His new instrumental “GMO Hoes” is cuddly and fun, but ultimately sinister if you have the right perspective, like Grimace's effect on your McNugget-inhaling kids.

2. Untold, “Drop It On The One”: Continuing the war on dub he began with “Sing A Love Song,” Untold here basks in a dark triumph with a track echoing like air raid sirens broadcast from some towering black Zeppelin.

3. The Field, “Cupid's Head” (Sonns mix): Sonns boldly transitions the original's heavenly (and perfect) vocal chorus into his own speckled highway, with springing Kraftwerk chirps and a spot of Balearic guitar.

4. FaltyDL feat. Shanghai Den, “King Brute”: Like if your techno-addled computer tried synthesizing its own tribal rhythm and ended up hitting the uncanny valley.

5. Saint Pepsi, “Mr. Wonderful”: This track of “Mario Kart Dream Trap” kicks off with the same dreamy trill as Malcolm McLaren's “Buffalo Girls,” and is also great for synchronized group dances.

6. Miss Modular, “Reflector Pack (8 Bar)”: Grime bleeds into the club. Between the strobing synths and bone-crushing kicks, you'll occasionally hear inches of silence scattered in, amplifying its heaviness.

7. Spokes, “Pigs Riddim”: A slightly more maximalist version of the polished nu-grime found on Zomby's With Love, where expired gun shells collide with occasional Mario fireball noise.

8. Lumigraph, “Yacht Cruiser”: Listen deeply past the elasticity of drums for a gorgeous soul underlay, in this new track from the Dublin producer with a full-length already out on Opal Tapes.

9. SD Laika, “Idiot Thug mix”: Another mysterious producer releases a mix on Tri Angle Records, home of Evian Christ, Forest Swords and more. Fans of the bite-sized mayhem that was the construction of Arca's &&&&& mix, as well as hip-hop that turns madness into functionality, should play the whole thing through.

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