Liner Notes: Un Blonde - Good Will Come To You

LINER NOTES: Un Blonde’s Good Will Come To You rewards your patience

Sep 15, 2016

This stunning album wasn't the Polaris Prize dark horse we hoped it would be, but we haven't stopped thinking about it.

manifesto yes yes y'all summit panel

Manifesto marks its tenth anniversary by looking forward, not back

Sep 13, 2016

The Toronto hip-hop festival and community org reaffirms its commitment to its community with an incisive series of panels.


Partner share their official Summer ’16 tour playlist

Sep 13, 2016

From Avril Lavigne to B.A. Johnston, the Maritime rock heroes share the tunes that have fueled their 2016 road adventures.

Wtchs Eschaton Supercrawl

Hamilton Supercrawl is whatever you want it to be

Sep 12, 2016

The free music and art festival may be leaning more populist, but Hamilton's music scene has stepped up to fill the gaps.


Quebec’s FME explores the space between binaries

Sep 9, 2016

Like the festival itself, the best performances at FME were hard to categorize, and better for it.

jan terri

An interview with “worst music video ever” cult artist Jan Terri

Sep 7, 2016

Bile Sister's Julie Reich talks to Terri about being made fun of, making holiday music, and opening for Marilyn Manson.

Personal Views - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

PERSONAL VIEWS: The ideas, sounds and issues at the heart of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sep 2, 2016

Three local musicians talk the latest and greatest Saskatunes.