kanye west unfinished albums

Track Changes: How Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo fits into the history of unfinished albums

Feb 26, 2016

Kanye West knows albums are not neat, fixed moments in time. They never have been.

the dirty nil - touries

TOURIES: The Dirty Nil’s highest and lowest moments as a band

Feb 25, 2016

Does meeting your idol cancel out getting banned from playing a restaurant that pays in burritos? We ask the Hamilton rockers.

Essential Albums - Rae Spoon

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: 5 albums that made Rae Spoon say “wait, you can do that?”

Feb 24, 2016

The Canadian singer/songwriter talks about records that opened their mind to new possibilities of songwriting and production.

mouth congress

Scott Thompson’s Mouth Congress blows the Rivoli away at first show in 24 years

Feb 22, 2016

Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini revived their Kids in the Hall-era art-punk band for one final Toronto blowout.

Drake Meek Mill Beef OVO Charged Up

Trigger Fingers Turn To Twitter Fingers: How the internet is remaking rap beefs

Feb 18, 2016

Social media has turned beef into a 24/7 game, sometimes more important than the music itself.

Liner Notes - Nap Eyes - Thought Rock Fish Scale

LINER NOTES: Nap Eyes’ Thought Rock Fish Scale is the cure for loneliness

Feb 17, 2016

The Halifax band explore the tension between introspective solitude and the human need to socialize. "Thought rock" is right.

Emilie & Ogden Megaphono

What’s happening in Ottawa?

Feb 16, 2016

With unapologetically activist undertones, Megaphono Festival hints at larger industry sea-changes to come.