Uncharted - Alex Calder

UNCHARTED: Up late with Alex Calder

Apr 16, 2015

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Alex Calder talks Instagram censorship, hippie parents, and why every musician eventually leaves Edmonton.

Personal Views - Victoria, British Columbia

PERSONAL VIEWS: A guide to the close-knit music scene of Victoria, B.C.

Apr 15, 2015

With an eye to finding out what makes The Garden City tick, we discover what it’s like to be involved in a music scene that exists on a (literal) island.

Liner Notes - Weed - Running Back

LINER NOTES: Vancouver fuzz-rockers WEED capture the perfect “shit-fi” tone

Apr 9, 2015

Grey skies, angry engineers, pizzalessness — the grungy Vancouver act discusses getting their sophomore album Running Back just so.

TIDAL - The Revolution Will Not Be Spotify

The Revolution Will Not Be Spotify: why failure is an option for Jay Z’s streaming service

Apr 8, 2015

Jay Z's new streaming service isn't a viable business and maybe that's the point.

Electric Wizard - Lee's Palace - Toronto - Live Review

LIVE REVIEW: Electric Wizard align dark planets on a sea of hair, denim and weed

Apr 6, 2015

Sunday, April 5 at Lee's Palace: a rare Toronto visit from the doom legends summons a grindhouse orgy of visuals, riffs and smoke... geysers of smoke.

Liner Notes - Not Of

LINER NOTES: Not Of are Canadian indie lifers, but you wouldn’t know it from Pique

Apr 2, 2015

Two Canadian indie rock veterans hit middle age. What better time to start playing "loud as fuck" and scream their heads off?

A Guide To Chad VanGaalen's Best Music Videos

Cosmic Vomit: A Guide to Chad VanGaalen’s Best Music Videos

Mar 30, 2015

Ten videos to welcome you into the sickly, putrid, inside-out world of our 2015 Prism Prize winner.