10 Inoffensive Band Names

10 Inoffensive Band Names

Mar 20, 2015

None of these are problematic, loaded, insensitive or offensive. Enjoy with a clear conscience.

Personal Views: Hamilton, Ontario

PERSONAL VIEWS: A ground-level guide to Hamilton, Ontario’s music scene

Mar 19, 2015

Three scene fixtures from the so-called "armpit of Ontario" tell us their favourite music, venues and shows, from world famous to "Hamilton famous."

Junos 2015: Same As It Ever Was

Mar 16, 2015

We thought last year's awards represented a turning point for the consistently safe Canadian music awards. It didn't.

Dan Deacon - Essential Albums

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Dan Deacon on 5 albums that exemplify texture and lyrics

Mar 12, 2015

The Baltimore weirdo/party-starter takes apart five unstoppable records based on their different focuses — production and words — and a surprising choice that bridges the two.

Do Producers Still Matter?

In the era of Ableton, do producers still matter?

Mar 10, 2015

An email roundtable with Toronto indie musicians and producers about the decline of the classical record producer.

The Very Best of the Junos

PLAYLIST: The hands down, objective, absolute best of the 2015 Juno Awards

Mar 9, 2015

Wanna get to know our favourites from this year's class of nominees?

5 Times Nathan Fielder Tried Being a Musician

5 times Nathan Fielder tried being a musician

Mar 6, 2015

You know him from Nathan For You, but you didn't know that in his spare time he scats, he raps, and he covers famous pop songs.