Prism Prize Roundtable

Prism Prize Roundtable: 8 Canadian directors dissect the anatomy of a great music video

Mar 20, 2014

We gathered all the shortlisters to talk about the unique challenges and benefits to being a music video director in Canada.

St. Vincent interview feature

INTERVIEW: St. Vincent’s Annie Clark on writing her life through performance

Mar 19, 2014

Annie Clark talks about her ambivalent relationship with technology, projecting an archetype, and what it means to be "crushworthy."

Kevin Drew - Essential Albums Feature

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Kevin Drew’s five game-changing records

Mar 18, 2014

Kevin Drew has never been shy about his influences (or shy at all), but he lays it all bare here: Pavement, The Pharcyde, more.

Soundgarden Nine Inch Nails

VIDEOBURN: Relive Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden’s legendary 1994 show at Barrie’s Molson Park

Mar 17, 2014

In honour of their 20th anniversary re-team, we recreate NIN & Soundgarden's storied show with videos, magazines and playlists.

RAMjams Underground Electronic Playlist

RAMjams: Fatima Al Qadiri, Holly Herndon, plus 33 more tracks of underheard electronic music

Mar 17, 2014

Catch up on underground electronic music with a huge collection and two great songs.

RAMjams Underground Electronic Playlist

RAMjams: Oneohtrix Point Never’s Record Store Day release, Fort Romeau and more…

Mar 13, 2014

Weird beats, lovely symphonies and more electronic music for you to catch up on.

music discovery apps feature image

9 Music Discovery Apps Ranked (by people who don’t need music discovery)

Mar 12, 2014

We put each app to the two-minute test to see if we can discover anything new, then share our discoveries.