[interview] Julia Holter discusses her highly visual creative process

Jul 31, 2013

The musician pushes back on prevailing media narratives.

Noisemakers S2E6: DIANA

Jul 26, 2013

Toronto's fast-rising synth-pop four-piece gets sweaty with us in their garage practice space.

[list] 10 Bleak Hip-Hop Skits

Jul 25, 2013

From the sociopathic missives to the political pedestals, here's ten dark interludes that stuck with us.


Jul 24, 2013

Newtown's Speedy Ortiz-cosigned alt-rockers talk about creating their own alt-rock gem.

Essential Albums: Weekend

Jul 11, 2013

San Francisco's breakout post-punk trio dives into post-industrial, post-punk and post-90s alt-rock.

Canadian Indie Label Week: DIVORCE Records

Jul 5, 2013

Our week of label profiles concludes with the Halifax label DIVORCE Records.

Essential Albums: Andrew Cedermark

Jul 5, 2013

We spoke with the singer/songwriter about the albums that helped him move from the home studio into the big leagues.

Canadian Indie Label Week: Flemish Eye

Jul 4, 2013

Ian Russell, head of Calgary's Flemish Eye, almost lost his label to flooding.