RIYL: The Weeknd

Oct 18, 2013

Five rising stars of future R&B that won't cost you $100 in ticket fees.

UNCHARTED: Prince Nifty

Oct 17, 2013

Amateur ethnomusicologist Matt Smith is converging dozens of genres into one brilliant, unclassifiable collage. We spoke about Toronto and its electronic music, getting through guilt to record, and racist L.A. parties.

PRIMER: Ty Segall: where to begin with the prolific California garage rock wunderkind

Oct 16, 2013

An entryway to the laid-back surfer dude with an intense work ethic and a sprawling, fuzz-drenched discography.

Essential Albums: PUP’s Five Albums Parents Just Don’t Understand

Oct 15, 2013

The beer-soaked Toronto pop-punks share five albums that pissed off their parents.

Ten Bands Who Got Better (Or Still Ruled) After Their Lead Singer Left

Oct 11, 2013

Disproving the old myth that the lead singer IS the band, here are ten groups who replaced their vocalists and never looked back.

INTERVIEW: Pusha T on Street Rap, Pure Rap, Car Music

Oct 10, 2013

Does Pusha T have what the rap game's been missing?

Five Bands Featuring Former Members of Women

Oct 9, 2013

Women burned out in 2010, but their fingerprints are all over the current music scene.


Oct 9, 2013

We sit down with Viet Cong, arty post-punk from Calgary ft. Women alum, to talk the audacity of British music and saving a man's life on mushrooms. Woah.

Loft Envy: How Montreal’s DIY Pop Scene Outgrew Itself

Oct 8, 2013

Montreal has been glorified as a DIY pop utopia in the days since Grimes' Visions exploded, but not all is as it seems.