Mozart's Sister - Being Confident - Long Winter Spotlight

Mozart’s Sister: Being Confident

Nov 11, 2014

Caila Thompson-Hannant’s DIY pop project blew up before she knew what it was. Her debut LP Being is the sound of her embracing the diversity within herself.

Run The Jewels BFFs

Music’s Best BFFs

Nov 10, 2014

From Run The Jewels to Dre and Snoop, these 10 artists are all good on their own, but they've all produced their most notable work with another. For better or worse.

Exposures - CMJ 2014

EXPOSURES: A week in New York with 13 of our favourite Canadian bands

Nov 7, 2014

We spent a sleepless week getting the full CMJ experience with Blue Hawaii, Weaves, TOPS, Doomsquad and more. A portrait of the Canadian music scene in New York.

Cloudbusting: What Taylor Swift’s move from Spotify says about the future of taste

Cloudbusting: What Taylor Swift’s move from Spotify says about the future of taste

Nov 5, 2014

Our record collections might be moving to the cloud, but, as Taylor Swift has shown, there's more than one cloud in the sky.

Music Trolls

Music’s Biggest Trolls: 8 Artists We’d Like Better If They’d Just Stop Talking

Oct 31, 2014

It's Halloween, so let's spotlight some trolls. Or, wait, is this what they want?

Uncharted - Slim Twig

UNCHARTED: Slim Twig on making outsider art in a conservative industry

Oct 30, 2014

As DFA Records reissues the veteran Toronto musician's most ambitious LP four years after its barely noticed release, he reflects on the cultural climate and looks forward.

It Takes A Village To Stop A Predator - Jian Ghomeshi

It Takes A Village To Stop A Predator: Jian Ghomeshi and Canadian Media’s “Open Secrets”

Oct 30, 2014

As more women step forward with sexual assault allegations against the former CBC star, many in the media are re-examining what they may have already heard.