Family Tree - Death From Above 1979

FAMILY TREE: Death From Above 1979

Sep 4, 2014

The band is about to release their first album in a decade, but they definitely haven't stayed silent in the meantime.

Building A Mystery - Ryn Weaver, Allie X - The Secret To Overnight Pop Success

Building A Mystery: Ryn Weaver, Allie X and the secret to overnight pop success

Sep 3, 2014

As more and more pop stars emerge "out of nowhere," it's becoming harder and harder to escape the digital paper trail.

30 More Songs Arcade Fire Should Cover

30 More Songs Arcade Fire Should Cover

Aug 29, 2014

With only two days left of Web Content Tour 2014, there's only two more chances to make headlines. What will they choose?

the Wooden Sky - Don't You Worry About A Thing

Don’t You Worry About A Thing: How Running Saved The Wooden Sky

Aug 28, 2014

As they gear up for the release of their fourth album, Wooden Sky frontman Gavin Gardiner explains how getting fit has made him a better bandleader.

Cassette Store Day

7 Essential Cassette Store Day Compilations and Reissues

Aug 27, 2014

There's some splashy new tapes coming out for the second annual Cassette Store Day, but in the spirit of the event we chose to focus on some of the cooler reissues and compilations.

Bands Past Their Prime Using Crowdfunding

When bands past their pop prime use crowdfunding to keep going

Aug 22, 2014

Musicians from legends to your high school favourites are all making fans their benefactors.

Things Just Happen That Way: The Search For Lewis

Things Just Happen That Way: The Strange Search For Lewis

Aug 21, 2014

After decades of searching, the enigmatic Canadian artist has been found. But the story doesn't end there.