Cassette Store Day

7 Essential Cassette Store Day Compilations and Reissues

Aug 27, 2014

There's some splashy new tapes coming out for the second annual Cassette Store Day, but in the spirit of the event we chose to focus on some of the cooler reissues and compilations.

Bands Past Their Prime Using Crowdfunding

When bands past their pop prime use crowdfunding to keep going

Aug 22, 2014

Musicians from legends to your high school favourites are all making fans their benefactors.

Things Just Happen That Way: The Search For Lewis

Things Just Happen That Way: The Strange Search For Lewis

Aug 21, 2014

After decades of searching, the enigmatic Canadian artist has been found. But the story doesn't end there.


Taylor Swift’s 5 Most OUTRAGEOUS Looks

Aug 21, 2014

Far from "Shake It Off," Tay's most daring fashion has been under our noses this whole time!

Uncharted - Un Blonde

UNCHARTED: Restless post-punk prodigy Un Blonde finds stability in transience

Aug 20, 2014

18-year-old auteur Jean-Sebastien Audet talks leaving Calgary, personalized music and his unbridled new album, Tenet.

The New Pornographers Interview

INTERVIEW: The New Pornographers dive into the process behind their “defiantly celebratory” new album

Aug 19, 2014

We quizzed A.C. Newman and Kathryn Calder about their new record and found the truth in one free afternoon.

Exposures Wolfe Island

EXPOSURES: Photos from Kingston’s Wolfe Island Music Festival

Aug 15, 2014

Idyllic snapshots of Alvvays, Bry Webb, Cousins, Mozart's Sister and more from the cheery Kingston, ON mainstay.