Jessy Lanza - Essential Albums

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Jessy Lanza on the music that helps her escape

Jul 14, 2016

On the heels of her Polaris Prize nomination for Oh No, we talk through five albums that inspire the Hamilton singer/producer.

Eytan Tobin

PREMIERE: Eytan Tobin brings AA Wallace’s “Shake It Out” into the digital world

Jul 5, 2016

We brought the Toronto producer out into nature to talk about how he distinguishes URL vs. IRL.

sled island 2016 exposures

EXPOSURES: 30 photos from Sled Island’s incredible 10th edition

Jul 4, 2016

The 2016 edition of the Calgary festival was the perfect size, packed with great discoveries and bucket list legends.

Vallens Consent Liner Notes

LINER NOTES: Vallens’ Robyn Phillips gets deep into every song on Consent

Jun 30, 2016

The Toronto "goth-gaze" band let a little light in on their dark debut LP.

lemon bucket orkestra - touries

5 of Lemon Bucket Orkestra’s most memorable tour stories

Jun 29, 2016

The 15-piece Toronto band has one of the strangest, most diverse resumes in all of music.


8 artists Ghostbusters could have called instead of Fall Out Boy

Jun 24, 2016

Hopefully the producers are not afraid to choose someone else for the sequel.

double double land

Toronto venues are banding together to prevent sexual harassment and assault at shows

Jun 23, 2016

A new coalition in the music community aims to make the scene safer.