Benjamin Clementine Mercury Prize

A beginner’s guide to 2015 Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine

Nov 23, 2015

The 26-year-old, London-born singer/songwriter wrote the UK/Ireland's best album... and we'd barely heard of him.


Punk and opera meet on each other’s turf for TAP:EX Metallurgy

Nov 19, 2015

Members of Fucked Up team with Tapestry Opera to break down the barriers between hardcore and art music.

jessica hopper and anupa mistry

Where The Boys Aren’t

Nov 19, 2015

Author/rock critic Jessica Hopper bared harsh truths and threw down tough challenges at her book talk in Toronto.

w bob and david mr show

REVIEW: W/ Bob & David is the Pavement of sketch comedy reunions

Nov 13, 2015

The don't-call-it-Mr. Show reunion of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross is looser, but occasionally reaches the same heights.

happy 70th birthday neil young

5 Artists on the Neil Young Album That Changed Their Life

Nov 12, 2015

For Neil Young's 70th birthday we scoured our archives to find what nice things other musicians had to say about him.

grimes art angels

Grimes’ Art Angels at the end of the underground

Nov 12, 2015

How Claire Boucher soundtracked the digital highway that destroyed the underground.

Liner Notes - Chad VanGaalen and Seth Smith - Seed of Dorzon

LINER NOTES: Chad VanGaalen and Seth Smith are a weirdo dream team

Nov 9, 2015

Hermit dads, destroyer of worlds — introducing Seed of Dorzon.