Dr. Luke Kesha

If Sony is dropping Dr. Luke, it’s doing so for the wrong reasons

Mar 11, 2016

The way it's playing out mirrors what happens in smaller scenes: women supporting women, because others won't.

pentagon black compilation

How Pentagon Black’s new paper compilation unites DIY bands across Canada

Mar 10, 2016

The new paper compilation aims to prove that underground music communities are more valuable than any publicist.

Jeff Buckley You and I

Producer Steve Addabbo had to sit on early Jeff Buckley recordings for 23 years

Mar 9, 2016

Watch three exclusive clips from the documentary You And I about the making of the forthcoming Jeff Buckley album.

NNXE 2016?

So what’s really going on with NXNE?

Mar 8, 2016

With their whole booking staff gone and a last minute rush to program acts, the 2016 festival still looks unclear.

Inyrdisk Death Match CD RIP label

CD-RIP: Is it possible to run a label selling CDs anymore?

Mar 3, 2016

What can future Canadian indie labels learn from the legacy of boutique Toronto imprint Inyrdisk?

Uncharted - Keita Juma

UNCHARTED: Keita Juma asks “What’s next?”

Mar 1, 2016

The Mississauga rapper/beatmaker has a sound all his own and people are vibing on it, but he'll never stop pushing it forward.

Sam Smith James Bond theme songs Oscars

10 James Bond themes better than the one Sam Smith just won an Oscar for

Feb 29, 2016

"Writing's on the Wall" is only the second Bond theme to win an Oscar. Maybe the Academy is trying to catch up.