Exposures - SappyFest X

EXPOSURES: The magic of SappyFest X caught on film

Aug 10, 2015

It's hard to explain the adorable charm of this scrappy Sackville, New Brunswick festival... until you see these photos.

leah goldstein diamond tongues

July Talk’s Leah Goldstein isn’t an actress, but she plays one in Diamond Tongues

Aug 6, 2015

The Toronto singer tells us how she went from playing in a band to playing the lead in a new film, all without ever acting before.

Dr. Dre Compton Detox

15 songs that were supposed to be on Dr. Dre’s Detox

Aug 6, 2015

The release of Compton spells the end of Dre's long-hyped Detox, but it doesn't mean we didn't hear it.


Here are your 2015 Caribana Anthems

Jul 31, 2015

We've rounded up some of our favourite tracks since last year's festival. Caribbean hitmakers and our faves making homage to the island stars.

Wayhome 2015 best to worst

WayHome Festival 2015, ranked from best to worst

Jul 27, 2015

How does Neil Young rank against Indian Tacos? Does Kendrick Lamar beat out that campsite RV party we saw at 4 in the morning? Here's where to find out.

Exposures - Wayhome Music and Arts 2015

EXPOSURES: Photos from WayHome Festival’s surprises, tents and flip cup tournaments

Jul 27, 2015

We showed up to WayHome Festival with a tent, a few bags of Doritos, and a camera. Before passing out from the heat, we shot a few photos.


What can Toronto learn from its nightlife history?

Jul 23, 2015

We spoke to Denise Benson, author of the new Toronto nighlife history anthology Then & Now, about how communities gather and mobilize in club spaces and how they can be supported.