Liner Notes - Your Boy Tony Braxton - Adult Contempt

LINER NOTES: Shad wants to be a better man, so he became Your Boy Tony Braxton

Aug 3, 2016

We talked to the Canadian hip-hop veteran about why he adopted a whole new soft rock persona on Adult Contempt.

WayHome crowd 4 2016

We ranked everything we saw at WayHome 2016

Jul 25, 2016

And we don't mean bands. We mean everything.

WayHome Rookie Mistakes

Going to WayHome this weekend? Avoid these rookie mistakes

Jul 21, 2016

Because a camping festival takes a bit more planning than just plopping down a tent, we've put together some suggestions.

Rave & Drool Chart Attack 90s CanRock

This Regina filmmaker is exploring CanRock’s ’90s heyday in a new documentary

Jul 20, 2016

Tyler Elynuik's Rave & Drool is Kickstarting funds to document the rise and fall of Canadian alt rock in the '90s.

alan vega suicide

6 Reasons Alan Vega Was Cool

Jul 18, 2016

The Suicide co-leader died this weekend at 78. His influence is immeasurable.

toronto producers

5 Toronto producers that should be on your radar

Jul 15, 2016

A new generation of beat-makers have been rising through Toronto's underground.

FEQ 2016 Festival d'été Coeur de Pirate Laura Jane Grace Against Me!

Festival d’été de Québec is a bridge between scenes, genres, and cultures

Jul 14, 2016

Quebec's summer fest connects local, national, and international music communities...and smothers everything in gravy.