Could This Be The Golden Age of Animated Music Videos?

Could this be the golden age of the animated music video?

Mar 26, 2015

Many of the highlights of this year's Prism Prize shortlist are animated. So we gathered the nominated Canadian directors working in the medium to discuss how and why they do it.

Do Producers Still Matter?

In the era of Ableton, do producers still matter?

Mar 10, 2015

An email roundtable with Toronto indie musicians and producers about the decline of the classical record producer.

Father John Misty - The Commentary To Comment On

The Commentary To Comment On: Father John Misty Smirks His Way To Truth

Feb 26, 2015

On I Love You, Honeybear Father John Misty aims for sincerity. He's reached it through the most ironic route possible.

Chart Attack Longreads of 2014

Chart Attack’s Longreads of 2014

Jan 2, 2015

We spent 2014 examining what that tenuous concept of "Canadian music" really means. Here are 10 of our favourite stories of the year.

Cloudbusting: What Taylor Swift’s move from Spotify says about the future of taste

Cloudbusting: What Taylor Swift’s move from Spotify says about the future of taste

Nov 5, 2014

Our record collections might be moving to the cloud, but, as Taylor Swift has shown, there's more than one cloud in the sky.

It Takes A Village To Stop A Predator - Jian Ghomeshi

It Takes A Village To Stop A Predator: Jian Ghomeshi and Canadian Media’s “Open Secrets”

Oct 30, 2014

As more women step forward with sexual assault allegations against the former CBC star, many in the media are re-examining what they may have already heard.

Weezer - Back To The Shack (Did Weezer Change or Did We Change?)

Back To The Shack: Did Weezer Change Or Did We Change?

Oct 7, 2014

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is being hailed as a return to form, but is there even a form to return to?