8 Great Canadian Music Videos

8 Great Canadian Music Videos that DIDN’T make the Prism Prize Shortlist

Watch all the videos we wish got nominated.

- Mar 21, 2014

The Prism Prize, Canada's award for excellence in music videos, will be chosen this Sunday. The shortlist is already out (read our roundtable discussion with all the nominated directors here) and there are some great videos on it, but like most jury members we at Chart Attack had some we loved that didn't make it. So rather than toss those selections to the back of our memories, we're compiling them here. Some more excellence in Canadian music videos is waiting below.

Weaves, "Motorcycle" (directed by Jason Harvey)

Weaves - Motorcycle [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Bonnie and Clyde meets Tumblr meets the 4AM animation block on MPTV (Mole People TV). The clip that best captures the spirit of one of our favourite new Toronto bands.

Chevalier Avant Garde, "Killing Fields" (directed by Rob Feulner)

Chevalier Avant Garde - Killing Fields (dir. Rob Feulner)

The climatic moment from The Terminator is threaded into a series of hoarse sighs, its frayed VHS the same constitution as memory.

Kaytranada, "At All" (directed by Martin C. Pariseau)


Video vixens are hip-hop's eternal accessories: subject to prevailing fashions of ethnic flavour, powerless, and ultimately disposable. This video undoes that dynamic, imagining the women as protectors and giving their sexuality a very literal strength.

Doldrums, "Lost In Everyone" (directed by Angus Borsos & Airick Woodhead)


In which a faceless man tries desperately to become one with every terrestrial thing. A feverish portrait of the futility of universality.

Cookie Duster, "Daddy's Got The Medicine" (directed by Jesi The Elder)

Daddy's Got The Medicine - Cookie Duster

The focus on absurd characters and smooth-flowing craziness rather than plot make this pencil-crayoned clip your fulfilled wish of a moving high school doodle book.

Austra, "Forgive Me" (directed by Claire Edmondson)

Austra - Forgive Me (Official Video)

An infared night time bike ride through the park, all the illicit encounters that go along with it (with an old-school Parental Advisory warning, just in case), and a sneaky case for trans rights.

Hooded Fang, "Gravez" (directed by Andrew Olivares)

Hooded Fang - Graves

We said when we first saw this clip that it was "not just another glitchy lo-fi video." Gigabytes worth of second rate VHS shot clips later, "Gravez" still stands out with its dismantled green screen anarchy.

Digits,"Say Goodbye" (directed by Seth Mendelson

Digits - Say Goodbye (Official Video)

There's a rich cinematic tradition of zombies standing in for social or political commentary, but "Say Goodbye" uses the undead apocalypse as the trojan horse for a heartwrenching breakup story.

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