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[list] 10 Outlandish Yeezus Comparisons

These Kanye comparisons are getting out of hand.

- Jun 24, 2013
I Am A God - Kanye West (Yeezus)

n the week since Yeezus leaked, a whole cottage industry of Kanye West thinkpieces has sprouted, working competitively and in tandem to discover what it all means. As often happens when capital-E Event albums are released, critics have attempted to tie the album to some bigger cultural pattern, brandishing it as a key to unlocking the zeitgeist.

That’s all totally by design. In his sole pre-release interview, Kanye set the bar high, comparing himself to “Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Nicolas Ghesquière, Anna Wintour, David Stern” while citing himself as the “nucleus” of culture. Not that it’s surprising. If Kanye West didn’t put himself in the same company as inventors, leaders of industry, CEO’s and, oh, I don’t know, the son of God, we’d worry there’s something seriously wrong with him.

But writers have taken it as a license to make lofty Yeezus comparisons themselves, linking Kanye to everything short of God himself. Hey, a few even go there. Here are ten choice ones, in ascending order of outlandishness:

Blood On The Leaves - Kanye West (Yeezus)

Pre-fatherhood jitters:

“…he appears to be having some kind of meltdown: that Yeezus represents the most extreme manifestation in the history of pop of the pre-fatherhood jitters most men feel during their partner's first pregnancy.” – The Guardian

A bachelor party:

The decadence of Yeezus has a bachelor-party quality — it's laid on way too thick to not be knowingly ridiculous.” – Grantland

A dirty old man:

“It’s as though the only un-credited ghostwriter is your pervert uncle who maintains three active accounts on Adultfriendfinder.com.” – MTV Hive

Michael Fassbender:

Kanye runs through more women on Yeezus than Michael Fassbender does in Shame — and the payoffs are just as gross and dispiriting.” – Grantland

Django Unchained:

“Lord knows this stuff isn’t as vivid as The Autobiography of Malcolm X or Menace II Society, but the only thing keeping it from being stirring like the entertaining Django Unchained is its lack of gratuitous violence.” – Time Magazine/Consequence of Sound

Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole

Ice Cube, Madonna and Trent Reznor:

This is willful provocation that Ice Cube, Madonna, and Trent Reznor could all be proud of.” – Pitchfork

Ian Curtis:

“The revelation that he listened to a lot of Joy Division is extremely instructive as to how Yeezus sounds, and the dark cloud of Ian Curtis looming over the album (although it has a thicker texture than anything JD or Warsaw ever made) is not just there sonically, but in the fact that Curtis also had a complicated relationship with women, including his rocky marriage to his high-school sweetheart and his alleged affair with Annik Honoré.” – SPIN


“…he’s very much mirroring the rhetoric of the Occupy movement. He’s angry as fuck and wants things to change. He’s not going to tell us how to change anything, but that’s fine. That’s not the point. The point is we need to get angry as fuck, too.” – Noisey

Edward Snowden/NSA leaks:

“...permit me to link the month’s second-most-important leak to the first: Kanye is the perfect pop star for a public so divided in its reaction to Edward Snowden’s news about government collection of private data. Yes, we’re unsure where to draw the line between privacy and security. But we also may feel uneasy because we’ve become so reckless with our own personal data in the age of social media and online shopping… Similarly it may strike a lot of people as absurd that an artist who does nothing but send mixed signals can get so lathered with rage at being misunderstood.: - Slate

A god:

“He’s in the Olympian phase of his career — inviting all the lesser gods and titans (and Cyhi the Prince) to Paris and Malibu in the service of his broad ideas. And when you get West, Daft Punk, TNGHT, Rick Rubin and God together, you’re bound to get some ambrosia.” – MTV Hive


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