Hot Docs

Sleepover Hot Docs Podcast Festival

We spent the weekend binging live podcasts at Canada’s first international podcast festival

Nov 23, 2016

Hot Docs Podcast Festival curated a great lineup of podcasts. How did they fare in a live setting?

Strike a Pose madonna

Strike a Pose gives Madonna’s Blond Ambition backup dancers centre stage

May 6, 2016

The seven male dancers featured in Madonna's 1990 tour became icons themselves — a fate few were prepared for offstage.

spirit unforgettable

In Spirit Unforgettable, early onset Alzheimer’s doesn’t stop Spirit of the West

May 5, 2016

John Mann is diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 51, and he deals with it the way he knows how: through music.

Hip-Hop Evolution Shad

Hip-Hop Evolution tells the origin story of hip-hop from the inside out

May 4, 2016

Shad pilgrimages to New York City to trace the origins of hip-hop with Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, and more.

Gary Numan Android in La La Land

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land is the human portrait behind a famous android

May 3, 2016

Gary Numan is a robot pop pioneer, but, this documentary suggests, his affect was more than partly genuine.

Contemporary Color

Like Stop Making Sense, Contemporary Color turns David Byrne’s stage show inside out

May 2, 2016

Sure, it's about the sport of colour guard. But it's also about the many hands—mostly backstage—that make a spectacle happen.

What Happened, Miss Simone? Trailer

REVIEW: What Happened, Miss Simone?

Apr 29, 2015

The messages behind Nina Simone's music are just as important today as they've ever been. This vivid, unswerving depiction is a perfect place to start or to be reminded.