Essential Albums - Xiu Xiu

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart on 5 albums unlike anything he’s ever heard

Jul 10, 2014

One part dark cabaret, two dashes avant-garde chanteuse, some robo kraut, a little goth rock, and a pinch of ultra-minimalism.

Essential Albums - BADBADNOTGOOD

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: BADBADNOTGOOD on jazz standards and getting sampled by Drake

Jul 2, 2014

BADBADNOTGOOD introduced a new generation to jazz by embracing the recklessness in the classics. Here, the Toronto trio talk on some of their favorite records.

Essential Albums - Lower

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Lower discuss van music and the humour of Leonard Cohen

Jun 26, 2014

From Bryan Ferry to Noel Gallagher, the Copenhagen post-punk band reveal their formative records.

Essential Albums - Greys

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Greys’ Shehzaad Jiwani picks 15 Essential CanRock Music Videos of the ’90s

Jun 13, 2014

15 nostalgic CanRock classics from the glory days of The Wedge.

Essential Albums - Sharon Van Etten

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Sharon Van Etten discusses five instructive classics

May 28, 2014

Peeling back the layers of her new album Are We There, The Brooklyn singer/songwriter reveals some unlikely influences.

Essential Albums - Woods

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere talks five still-challenging records from his teens

May 21, 2014

The Brooklyn psych band's multi-instrumentalist returns to high school for five albums that still flip switches in his brain.

Odonis Odonis, Essential Albums

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Odonis Odonis bandleader Dean Tzenos leads a crash course in industrial

Apr 16, 2014

The Toronto songwriter breaks down the "Hard Boiled" influences behind the band's fantastic new record.

Kevin Drew - Essential Albums Feature

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Kevin Drew’s five game-changing records

Mar 18, 2014

Kevin Drew has never been shy about his influences (or shy at all), but he lays it all bare here: Pavement, The Pharcyde, more.

nils fram essential albums

ESSENTIAL ALBUMS: Nils Frahm discusses the art of imaginative mastering

Feb 27, 2014

The Berlin neo-classical composer explains the history of the practice, and what can save it.