Uncharted: Molly Burch’s debut Please Be Mine

Molly Burch finds her voice on debut Please Be Mine.

- Apr 4, 2017

Growing up “very shy”, it took Molly Burch some time before she was ready to sing in front of others. After that, it took her time to find her voice as a writer. But those formative years are past her now, and her debut Please Be Mine is proof of that.

The daughter of a casting director mother and a writer/producer father, Burch grew up in Los Angeles, where she discovered her singing voice by doing impressions of other singers for her sister. This discovery led to a passion for singing, but it wasn’t until she moved to Austin in 2013 that she began songwriting. Going through a breakup at the time, she used the experience as inspiration for many of the songs on Please Be Mine.

“The first songs I wrote were slow ballads like the title track "Please Be Mine". That song for example was very personal at the time. I was going through a pretty bad break up and dealing with the consequences of leaving someone in a very selfish way,” she said.

The personal approach made for some of the album’s best songs, the title track is a wistful ballad that could appeal to both the broken-hearted and the love-stricken. “Wrong for You” is another strong one, with more of a modern twist to it than most other tracks. Check below to listen to “Wrong for You”.

Though it was a difficult experience, Burch credits the move to Austin with helping her find her voice as a writer.

“I started writing out of necessity… I started writing for my voice, that is what has always driven me.”

After three years of writing the songs, Burch wasted no time when it came to recording the album. The process took just two days, and Burch chose to record her vocals live as well.

“I wanted to record live for a couple reasons. It was more cost-effective, but also I wanted the recordings to mirror how we sound live. My band and I were so comfortable playing together, it felt right to record in the same room live. I attribute a lot of the sound to Dan Duszynski who was the engineer and who also mixed and co-produced the record. I hadn't intended to record my vocals live, but we just liked how they sounded.”

The album itself is a strong debut. Evoking old school songstresses like Dusty Springfield (who Burch lists as a leading influence) and Patsy Cline, Please Be Mine is made up of ten songs centred on the themes of “loss, loneliness, and reconnecting.” At times Burch can sound derivative, but it’s hard to hold that against an album as intentionally retro-sounding as this.

Appealing mainly to those of us who like our music a bit nostalgic, Please Be Mine is a pleasant trip down memory lane and, knock on wood, a sign of good things to come from Molly Burch.

Be sure to check her out when she plays at the Horseshoe Tavern on April 9th.

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