Moby made a playlist for the Trump inauguration ball he’s not DJing

From "Idioteque" to "Wardance," these are the songs Moby would play for the next President.

- Jan 11, 2017

Donald Trump's inauguration is rapidly approaching and the rejections from artists asked to play it just keep piling up. Now it's gone beyond simple "no"s. Snoop Dogg promised to roast any "Uncle Tom" rapper who played for Trump. Rebecca Ferguson said yes, if they let her play the racism protest anthem "Strange Fruit." Solange and Esperanza Spalding are playing the competing Peace Ball, while another massive "We The People" anti-inauguration concert continues to be rumoured.

In the midst of this Moby was asked by a booking agent if he would consider DJing one of Trump's inaugural balls. The answer, surprisingly, was yes, but only if he released his tax returns. It's doubtful Moby is going to be the one to make that happen, so it seems the musician's "public enemy and stockhausen remixes to entertain the republicans" will have to remain a fantasy.

Not the case! Billboard reached out to Moby and asked him "well, if Trump did release his tax returns, what would you play?" Moby obliged with a whole Spotify playlist of protest songs from Neil Young to Kendrick Lamar to Killing Joke. You probably won't hear it at Trump's inauguration, but you can blast it at home on January 20. Wear a tux.

Listen to the whole thing below.


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