New Year's Playlist 2016

The Let’s All Just Forget 2016 New Year’s playlist

120 minutes of party music from any time but now.

- Dec 29, 2016

Toss it in the trash. Burn it. The 'Fuck 2016' meme has been felt so deeply that even my mom uttered some variation over Christmas dinner when we found out George Michael died.

Let's turn the page on the dumb thing before more heroes bite the dust, before we somehow make larger, more regrettable political decisions, and before we find out in shocking, painful and new ways that the world isn't as we'd hoped. Like Superchunk's Mac McCaughan said: at least Prince can't die again.

This New Year's Eve, let's party like it's any year but 2016. Party like it's 1977. Sure. Party like it's 1999. Absolutely. Party like it's 2015. Whatever. Let's just party to get away from this damn thing.

Here's a playlist of fun tracks to help you forget whatever the dopey calendar says. None of the music here was made during that horrible year that — at least for the rest of the night — should not be named.


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