Frank Ocean Boys Dont Cry

Here’s everything Frank Ocean’s done since channel ORANGE

He's been busier than you think in his 4 years between albums.

- Aug 4, 2016

He's teased us for years. He's missed his due date umpteen times and racked up thousands in late fines. He's busy building god knows what in that workshop. But if all goes as we think is planned, we'll have the long-awaited new Frank Ocean album Boys Don't Cry by tomorrow, maybe by midnight, maybe before I'm done this post.

Since he dropped channel ORANGE in July 2012 and moved the whole music game a few inches out of orbit with its impact, he's been relatively quiet. At least, you think he has. It turns out we've had Frank Ocean in our lives all along. So we dug up everything the talented Christopher Breaux a.k.a. Frank Ocean has done — written, recorded, produced, sang on, made weird noises in the background of — since you last spent quality time with him. Get caught up while you can.

Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry is out Friday... at least, we hope.

Frank Ocean ft. Tyler, The Creator, "Golden Girl" (channel ORANGE bonus track) (July, 2012)

Frank Ocean - Golden Girl (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)

Frank Ocean, "Blue Whale" (September, 2012)

Frank Ocean - Blue Whale (New 2012)

MellowHype ft. Frank Ocean, "Astro" (October, 2012)

Astro - Mellowhype ft. Frank Ocean (Lyrics In Description)

Alicia Keys, "One Thing" (November, 2012)

Alicia Keys - One Thing

Frank Ocean has always had a knack for writing for women. He showed more before his breakout solo success, but he returned to that mode for this Alicia Keys burner.

Frank Ocean, "Wiseman" (December, 2012)

Written for 2012's Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino couldn't find the right scene for it so it was shelved, reemerging in 2015 for the Jake Gyllenhaal boxing flick Southpaw.

Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000 and Big Boi, "Pink Matter" (remix) (January, 2013)

The original "Pink Matter" had Andre 3000, but Big Boi jumps on this remix, marking Outkast's first reunion before they hit the festival circuit... even if they didn't want to call it that.

Frank Ocean, "Eyes Like Sky" (February, 2013)

A straight-up acoustic pop track dug up from the recording sessions for channel ORANGE.

Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean, "Slater" (April, 2013)

Slater (Feat. Frank Ocean) - Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean and Lætitia Sadier, "PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer" (April, 2013)

PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer (Feat. Laetitia Sadier, Frank Ocean) - Tyler, The Creator

He also appears uncredited on "48" and "Awkward" from Tyler's Wolf.

Kanye West, "New Slaves" (June, 2013)

Yup, that's our boy Frank with the soaring outro.

Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean, "Oceans" (July, 2013)

John Mayer ft. Frank Ocean, "Wildfire" (August, 2013)

John Mayer - Wildfire (featuring Frank Ocean)

Earl Sweatshirt ft. Frank Ocean, "Sunday" (August, 2013)

Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)

Earl Sweatshirt, "Hoarse" (August, 2013)

Earl Sweatshirt - Hoarse [Doris Album]

Some more uncredited Frank vocals.

Beyoncé ft. Frank Ocean, "Superpower" (December, 2013)

Beyoncé - Superpower ft. Frank Ocean

Not just Jay Z and Kanye, but Beyoncé too.

Paul Simonon and Mick Jones (The Clash), Frank Ocean, Diplo, “Hero” (March, 2014)

A ridiculous collaboration brought to you by "artistic freedom," so says Diplo. Mind you, it was paid for by Converse.

Frank Ocean, "Memrise" (November, 2014)

Frank Ocean - Memrise w/ Lyrics

Rumoured to be a song snippet from "a new album," maybe this new album.

Frank Ocean, "At Your Best (You Are Love)" (Isley Brothers cover) (January, 2015)

Frank Ocean - You Are Luhh

Kanye West ft. Sia and Frank Ocean, "Wolves"/ "Frank's Track" (February, 2016)

Frank Ocean was on the original version of Kanye's "Wolves" (well, the original The Life of Pablo version, not the version he debuted almost a year before) but he was swapped back out for Vic Mensa in Kanye's endless post-deadline tinkering. He made amends by giving Frank his own track titled, fittingly enough, "Frank's Track."

James Blake, "My Willing Heart" (May, 2016)

James Blake - My Willing Heart

James Blake, "Always" (May, 2016)

James Blake - Always

Our last taste of Frank Ocean was on James Blake's latest album The Colour In Anything. The next will be on Boys Don't Cry.

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