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5 ways Festival d’été de Quebec will be unlike any other festival this summer

For 11 days this summer, Quebec City will be transformed.

- Apr 25, 2016
This post is sponsored by Festival d’été de Quebec. You can check out the full lineup here and grab your tickets here

For 11 days this summer, Quebec City will be transformed. From July 7 to 17, 2016, the annual Festival d’été de Quebec (Quebec City Summer Festival) will bring 300 artists to 10 different stages in the capital city.

The festival has always delivered the most unique lineup of any festival in Canada, and this year might be bigger and more crowdpleasing than ever. Check out the trailer below for a taste:

But it's hard to convey the unifying magic of this festival in just 30 seconds, so follow us below as we outline 5 reasons this festival is unlike any other this summer.

It has something for everyone... literally

What other festival are you going to catch Selena Gomez, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, and the duo of Sting & Peter Gabriel on the same lineup?

Festival D'ete 2016 lineup

Where else can you listen to hip-hop (Mac Miller, Rae Sremmurd. and Fetty Wap), metal (Rammstein, Hatebreed, Gojira), country (Brad Paisley), strummy folk-rock (The Tallest Man On Earth, The Decemberists, The Lumineers), francophone superstars (Coeur de Pirate, Louis-Jean Cormier), Tumblr cloud jazz, and, like, anything else you can think of?

A lot of festivals say they have something for everyone, but this is the only one that can really back it up.

It's unlike any other festival this summer

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

Picture this: The winter is finally turning into spring, festival posters are filling up your Twitter feed, and you've already DIYed your flower crown. You've been in constant communication with your friends trying to figure out which festival is the one for you, but the lineups keep coming up and they all kind of look... the same. Gradually, your WhatsApp thread becomes nothing but a series of emoji shrugs.

Festival d’été is not that. You won't see a lot of these artists hitting that well-trod festival circuit this summer, and you certainly won't see them all together. Imagine any other poster with Alessia Cara, Brian Ferry, Duran Duran, and Sheryl Crow. Now imagine the diverse festival squads you'll see together, eating poutine between sets.

It might be the most cost-effective ticket in Canada


300 shows, 11 days of music. $90. That's including service charge.

And that's the sound of your brain exploding.

There's music everywhere

FEQ 2015 - Souvenirs

You can catch all the biggest stars right on the Plains of Abraham (which you might remember from Grade 10 history class), but there's also music on 9 more stages: one where you can catch music from all over the world, one that specializes in francophone stars, one where you can sip happy hour cocktails while catching intimate acoustic performances and DJs. You can catch buskers and street performers while you walk around with your family during the day. There might even be an exclusive afterparty in your Airbnb, you never know.

For 11 days, Quebec City is music

The Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man - Festival d’été de Québec

There's a feeling in the air when you bring such a crowdpleasing, something-for-everyone array of artists to a place like Quebec City for 11 days. You find yourself nodding to the 12 year old Selena Gomez fan passing by you on the stairs, exchanging bonjours with the 70-year-old gentleman in the George Thorogood t-shirt, sharing a cheers with a fellow Sting fan.

When you look out over a sea of fans at the Plains of Abraham, everyone in a red flashing badge (a unique feature of Festival d’été), you feel the kind of musical unity you've forgotten exists. It's not on Twitter, it's not on YouTube — it's in Quebec City.

Festival d’été de Quebec runs July 7 to July 17 in Quebec City. Tickets for the full festival cost $90. Grab them here.

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