Exposures - Sled Island 2015

EXPOSURES: Sled Island 2015, a weeklong post-punk hot dog party in Calgary

We shot bands rocking restaurants and house parties, comedians riffing, a massive street music experiment and Viet Cong enjoying their hometown show... a lot.

- Jun 30, 2015
EXPOSURES captures the moods and experiences of fans and artists, both onstage and off. This time, Ryan Parker hits the streets, parks, house parties and bars of Calgary with a couple of rolls of film and a lot of stamina for Sled Island 2015.

We came, we saw, we discovered. We spent a long week embedded in Calgary's music community for the 9th addition of Sled Island, running from venue to venue with a camera, some film, and the occasional beer to keep us going (or, in the case of Vice's Jazz Cartier party, a few more beers to keep us going). In the photo tour below, you'll find some Canadian bands that have already become new favourites, the hazy remembrances of our Chart Attack rager at Nite Owl and a couple of scene celebs partying harder than we could keep up with.

Grounders at Sled Island

Grounders play the hottest venue in their childhood hometown: the basement of a clothing store.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Sled Island

Godspeed You! Black Emperor worshipping sound at Central United Church.

The Ex-Boyfriends at Sled Island

Lead singer of The Ex-Boyfriends tests the fortitude of Broken City's floorboards.

Fountain at Sled Island

Victoria's Fountain sit for a royal portrait next to the glamorous Lang's Grocery parking lot.

Red House Party at Sled Island

Intermission between bands at the daytime show at Red House.

Conduct house show at Sled Island

Winnipeg's Conduct play for friends and future friends, before plying them with free CDs.

Susan plays Tubby Dog at Sled Island

Saskatchewan band Susan make great hot dog eating music at Tubby Dog.

Band Dialogue at Sled Island

Band Dialogue IV: 14 bands playing with each other, simultaneously, out on 16th street. Utterly transfixing.

Chart Attack showcase at Sled Island

Cheerful Sled Island volunteers work the door at the Chart Attack showcase.

The Lad Mags at Chart Attack

The Lad Mags from Edmonton bringing ample reverb and miles of harmonies to the cosy basement of the Nite Owl.

The Coathangers at Sled Island

The Coathangers headlined Chart Attack's Sled Island party in ferocious fashion: a wine-from-the-bottle swigging sweaty punk show dedicated to freedom.

Mark Little and Chris Locke at Sled Island

Mark Little and Chris Locke pause to pose for my film during their Utopia To Me? live podcast. "I found this camera in the past!"

Viet Cong at Sled Island

Viet Cong playing a huge hometown show at Olympic Plaza, right before Drive Like Jehu and Television.

Olympic Plaza stage at Sled Island

The view from the stage.

Viet Cong at Sled Island

What do you do when you just finished a massive hometown set before a couple of iconic bands? If you're Calgary's premiere post-punk bros, you rage.

Jazz Cartier at Sled Island

Jazz Cartier plays Vice's free booze flowing Sled Island party.

Blonde Elvis at Sled Island

Blonde Elvis rock the basement of a house party at one of the brief moments of Calgary night time (the sun came up soon after).

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