Exposures - Field Trip 2015

EXPOSURES: Family-Friendly Photos from Field Trip 2015

We grabbed a couple of rolls of film and found our favourite indie celebs out with their families, enjoying some tunes in Toronto.

- Jun 8, 2015
EXPOSURES captures the moods and experiences of fans and artists, both onstage and off.

Here we go, the unofficial beginning of Canada's summer festival season and the first edition of Exposures this year.

This past weekend we sent Ryan Parker out to Toronto's Field Trip Music & Arts Festival with his mom's camera, a couple rolls of film and a wallet big enough to buy himself half a beer. If you weren't there you missed some amazing sets at the kid's stage from both actual children's performers (Sharon and Bram) and moonlighters (Max Kerman, Dan Mangan, Kevin Drew), a lot of roots rock, and some big-stage pop that the big stage couldn't quite handle. We learned a lot.

While we were out roaming, Ryan was out catching the vibes, from hoagie making contests to CanRock celebs with their families. It's the most heartwarming festival photo gallery you'll see all... week.

Sharon & Bram - Field Trip 2015

Sharon and Bram, the most family friendly act of the festival playing at the kid's stage.

Sharon & Bram - Field Trip 2015

Skinnamarinky dinky dink...

Max Kerman of Arkells - Field Trip 2015

Max Kerman of Arkells and the Field Trip Gospel Choir singing and dancing to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Max Kerman of Arkells with his dad - Field Trip 2015

Max Kerman and his proud father.

The War On Drugs - Field Trip 2015

The War On Drugs in that prime festival slot.

Purity Ring - Field Trip 2015

Purity Ring while they actually played. Not photographed: technical difficulties.

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene - Field Trip 2015

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene with a child (nephew?) who definitely got in for free.

Dan Mangan - Field Trip 2015

Dan Mangan looking suave.

Field Trip 2015

 The weekend's work is never done.

Field Trip 2015

 Painting to the sounds of Temples.

Field Trip 2015

 Keeping cool in the cool weather.

Field Trip 2015

 The most Instagrammed sign of early June.

Field Trip 2015

 Festival vibes.

Field Trip 2015

A relay race to build the world's biggest hoagie.

Father John Misty - Field Trip 2015

Father John Misty becoming one with the audience.

Temples - Field Trip 2015

England's Temples are my takeaway from this year's festival.

Rhye - Field Trip 2015

The rain at Rhye gave everyone an excuse for the tears on their face.

Temples - Field Trip 2015

Temples taking in the festival's sights and sounds.

Marina and the Diamonds fans - Field Trip 2015

Fans of Marina And The Diamonds with their homemade signs.

Marina and the Diamonds - Field Trip 2015

Marina And The Diamonds put on one of the bounciest sets of the weekend.

Hayden - Field Trip 2015

Hayden, consistent as always.

My Morning Jacket - Field Trip 2015

Closing out the weekend, My Morning Jacket had a booming, colourful light show.

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