Pop Montreal Picks: 6 acts to catch on Saturday, September 20

Complete our musical gauntlet — from virtuosic violinist to former Shagg — and the treasures of Pop Montreal be yours.

- Sep 20, 2014
Pop Montréal takes over the other capital of Québec from September 17 to 21. We're assembling six loosely chronological concert picks for every day, to guide your festival crawl. Here are our picks for Saturday, September 20.

Sarah Neufeld - 7PM @ Toit Ubisoft

For the better part of a decade, Sarah Neufeld has had her hands in so much of the celebrated noise coming out of Montreal — whether it be her solo work, Bell Orchestre, her tenure in Arcade Fire, her various collaborations with Tim Hecker. She's a legend. This is a no-brainer.

¡FLIST! - 9PM @ Cabaret Playhouse

¡FLIST! aka Charlie Twitch, has become one of the more memorable fixtures of the Montreal scene over the last couple of years, trafficking in an unusual brand of foreboding art pop over a stream of singles and EPs and in his theatrical live performances. We premiered his apocalyptic new rockabilly shuffle this week.

No Joy - 10PM @ Il Motore

No Joy - "Hare Tarot Lies" (Official Music Video)

If you're not filled up on strings after Neufeld, fellow Arcade Fire alum Richard Reed Parry is performing his avant-garde masterpiece "Music for Heart and Breath" with the Warhol Dervish ensemble at St. John the Evangelist, which sounds lovely. But maybe you're not feeling so buttoned down. Perhaps churches aren't your jam. Have you been wondering: "Doesn't anybody play guitar anymore?" No Joy do, and they do it real heavy- and spacey-like. Go see them.

Telstar Drugs - 11:15PM @ Brasserie Beaubien / Dot Wiggin Band - 11:30PM @ La Sala Rossa

Dot Wiggin Band - Banana Bike

Do you really want to cram into a smelly, sweaty room to maybe glimpse Ty Segall or Deafheaven from the very back of the hall? Skip 'em! Go see wiry (Wire-y, too) Calgary-to-Montreal postpunks Telstar Drugs instead. Not your thing? Then hoof over to the Dot Wiggin Band, featuring outré rock royalty Dorothy Wiggin of The Shaggs. With any luck, you'll be treated to a "My Pal Foot Foot" or a "Philosophy of the World."  

UN - 12:30AM @ Casa del Popolo

Montreal duo UN make chilly, minimalist techno and they build it all live, right before your eyes, with loopers and samplerers and other doodads that I'll never fully understand.

J.J. Fad - 2AM @ Le Late Night Little Burgundy

jj fad - supersonic (Video Quality A++)

In 1988, J.J. Fad were the first female rap group to get a Grammy nom (for the cheesy gem above). Today, they're playing tiny barroom showcases relegated to the red eye slot, all so you and your friends can try on your best Running Man and feel "fly" for just a minute.


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