Pitchfork Festival Drinking Game

Play the Pitchfork Music Festival Drinking Game

We'll be at Pitchfork Festival all weekend shooting and tweeting. Play along at home!

- Jul 18, 2014

Pitchfork Music Festival kicks off today at 3:30 with Hundred Waters at Chicago's Union Park. We'll be there with a handful of film (check back next week, after it's developed) and a U.S. data plan so we can deliver you the Best New Photos on the channel of your choice (follow Chart Attack here, here and here).

We apologize if we misspell a hashtag. As diverse as Pitchfork's lineup is — a mix of new Pitchfork-approved new bands they're pushing from the site to the stage and a handful of older legends they're reintegrating into the BNM canon (ahem, Georgio Moroder— let's be totally honest, it's as much about that living, tented Hipster Runoff milieu. So we'll be playing this drinking game.

Pitchfork Music Festival is streaming here, so you can play along with a PBR at your desk.

Take a drink every time you...

  • D to EDM
  • Get a little misty to Sun Kil Moon and/or Majical Cloudz. One drink per tear shed.
  • Eat something you didn't know was "vegan." +1 if you like it.
  • Tweet that the reception is jammed. +1 if that tweet goes through before you've left the grounds.
  • Ask a stranger what the wi-fi password is.
  • Introduce yourself by your Instagram handle.
Mac DeMarco // "Ode to Viceroy" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  • Spot a bucket hat.
  • See a male dressed like Mac DeMarco. +1 if they're over 30. +2 if it's Mac DeMarco.
  • Spot a couple making-out to Kelela.
  • Curse a past relationship while swaying to Sharon Van Etten.
  • Marvel at the power that is Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy.
Perfect Pussy - "I" (Oaf - icial Video)

  • Overhear someone say that they "like the old stuff better." +1 if it's a brand new band.
  • Belt along to Neutral Milk Hotel like you've been waiting for years. +1 for every year you've waited.
  • Spot someone in tUnE-yArDs face paint.
  • Stylize the name "tUnE-yArDs" correctly.
  • Recognize an artist who isn't on the bill. +1 if they show up as a special guest in someone else's set.
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - Little Fang (Official Video)



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