St. Vincent at Sled Island 2014

PHOTOS: Sled Island 2014

Photos of the Chart Attack showcase at Bamboo, plus more from the Calgary music festival!

- Jun 25, 2014

We spilled a lot of ink (and film) about NXNE this year, both in praise and critique, but while we were covering the Toronto music festival we were also in Calgary at a community-focused event that, in a lot of ways, was the inverse: Sled Island. Where this year's NXNE raised eyebrows in the local music scene, Calgary's has rallied behind Sled Island, which was cancelled last year due to flooding (but still took place across house parties and DIY events).

And this year, we were there too! The Chart Attack showcase at Bamboo featured the grungy Vancouver psych rock of Mormon Crosses, Kathleen Hanna-curated DIY pop of Mindtroll, Halifax jangle rockers Each Other and Calgary hero Un Blonde.

Check out some snaps of that below (plus a St. Vincent for good measure), and head to our Facebook page for shots of Spiritualized, White Lung, Doug Hoyer, Hello Moth and much more!

All photos by Max Hurd.

St. Vincent at Sled Island 2014

St. Vincent

Unblonde at Sled Island 2014

Un Blonde

Mormon Crosses at Sled Island 2014

Mormon Crosses

Mindtroll at Sled Island 2014


Mindtroll at Sled Island 2014


Each Other at Sled Island 2014

Each Other

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