Ratking Report Card

NXNE ’14 Report Card: RATKING @ Yonge & Dundas Square

Sunday, June 22. Intimidation and a struggle for energy dominated the rap trio's latest festival show.

- Jun 23, 2014

Background/Composition: New York rap group on XL Recordings with one very good album.

Energy: C-

Their album So It Goes is full of weird life, but their performance on Sunday was muted. Occasional technical difficulties mired Sporting Life's beats and collaged interludes, but it took half the set before Wiki showed up in his body to perform. Hak seemed content to stick on his side of the stage, leering at the audience for not dancing and unable to conceal his boredom. It was hard to pretend they weren't counting the seconds before they could walk off, and Run The Jewels would follow up with a lesson in commanding a crowd.

Presence: B

RATKING can never be entirely boring by virtue of their sound, how the textures of their voices and beats coalesce into a weird whole. Seeing them is always interesting - like carrying the extended and repetitious intro to "Snow Beach" for its duration - it's just a shame they couldn't be bothered to do their own strengths justice.



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