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NXNE ’14 Report Card: Special Costello @ Bovine Sex Club

Saturday, June 21. Halifax space punk provides an energizing soundtrack for the festival's peak of sleeplessness.

- Jun 22, 2014

Background/composition: Bruising psychedelic attic treasure with Spencer Krug vocals.

Samsung/Sennheiser: A

The banter consisted entirely of facetious paeans to the festival's corporate sponsors, which was both hilarious and, judging from one of the battles that's gearing for 2015, predictive.

Where Am I Right Now?: B+

Jeremy Costello's bass sent jarring thunder and dreamy interludes (and a Spaceman 3 cover), which caused the tightly packed Bovine audience to teeter on the edge of a full rage. The anticipation never paid off, but it kept a unique energy throughout.

Venue TV Selection: C

Predators, a soulless Jackass ripoff, and American Horror Story were all looping silently the entire night. Between bands you could stare at the three screens simultaneously and try to glean some kind of message of divine brutality in your sleep-deprived state.



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