NXNE ‘14 Report Card: METZ @ Lee’s Palace

Saturday, June 21. METZ are back on Toronto festival stages, but this time as a headliner. It suits them well.

- Jun 22, 2014

Background/Composition: METZ are a loud rock trio from Toronto whose explosive live show has now travelled well beyond Toronto via Sub Pop, and then back for a hero's welcome at Lee's Palace.


Veteran Power: A

A common breathless refrain at the past half decade or so of NXNE and CMWs: "Go see METZ, best band in Toronto." Now it's not a secret. Graduated to "sure thing" status, the band headlined a great bill at Lee's Palace and brought out a packed house of enthusiastic kids ready to blow an eardrum or two. Though, to be fair, some of that may have come from the shitshow that was the lineup at Tattoo for Future Islands and Mac DeMarco.

Evolution: B+

METZ used to be more of an experience. Some of their older shows at venues like Parts & Labour and The Garrison were legitimately some of the loudest, most visceral concert experiences I've ever had. They've had to temper that somewhat now that they're touring and playing for fans who know their songs, but the songs can now do most of the talking; the last few years on the stage have refined their power. But they still jammed out some of their songs (you know, in a noise-rock kind of way), including the final one, which saw Alex Edkins lose both the microphone and his guitar strap and keep rocking out without missing a step (he ended up on the ground anyway).

Crowdsurf Coaching: A

It's not uncommon to see a crowdsurfer or two at a METZ show. The three of them have probably seen their fair share. So they thought they'd help a few out, or at least critique them. The guys who were stuck on the hands of the audience between songs? They were forced to surf in silence. To teach them an important lesson, METZ had the crowd keep them in the air until they played their next song. Go get 'em next time.


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