thug entrancer

NXNE ’14 Report Card: Thug Entrancer @ The Great Hall

Friday, June 20. An intimate and engaged show of experimental electrics felt like an actual festival secret.

- Jun 21, 2014

Background/Composition: An electronic composer well-suited for the challenging referentiality of Oneohtrix Point Never's Software Records.

Will It Blend?: B+

Thug Entrancer's latest record Death After Life moulds its own mutant versions of juke and footwork, but on stage the full scope of Chicago and Detroit's influences were revealed. The set was an unbroken stream of iconic sounds twisted in new ways to jar our own circuits.

Thug Entrancer - 'Death After Life I' [Official Video]

Audience: A-

Usually a small, placid audience for such sounds would be disappointing, but up front there was a calm air of communality. A few people writhed in place, some tapped their beer cans against thighs. No one went wild in the challenging space the music helped create, but you could say that it helped to form a more meditative and welcoming crowd.


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