GOAT Report Card

NXNE ‘14 Report Card: Goat @ Lee’s Palace

Friday, June 20. Goat’s burning psychedelic funk left us entranced and begging for more.

- Jun 21, 2014

Background/Composition: Goat are a mysterious band from Sweden, who perform in elaborate costumes to hide their identities, and sound like they’ve worn out a few copies of African Scream Contest, Tago Mago and Dopesmoker.

Late Start: C

Golden Teacher were scheduled before Goat, taking their sweet time to set up, and allowing their set to run on long despite protests from the soundbooth in the form of flashing house lights. Watching their cluelessness unfold during setup was especially infuriating because earlier that day, one of the members of the band spoke up during the “WHY NXNE SUCKS” panel, and derided the festival for not being hospitable enough. You only get what you give.

Stage Presence: A

When Goat finally took the stage, it was theirs and theirs alone. As the band tore through their limited but still lengthy repertoire, its two female vocalists, both masked and covered in feathers, jewelry, explored every inch of the stage, treating everyone to a spectacle of ecstatic proportions.

Encore!: A+

Rarely have I seen a non-headlining act met with so many appeals for an encore, but rarely do bands blow me away quite like Goat did. Goat’s set was shortened because Golden Teacher’s went long, and so the house warned the band at the end of “Let It Bleed” that it was to be their last song. Confused, and looking somewhat defeated, the band waved a quick goodbye and shuffled offstage, only to be met with the most uproarious request for more by the audience. They wasted no time and took their places to play one last, amazing song. It felt like a triumph.


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