WTCHS Report Card

NXNE Report Card ’14: WTCHS @ The Boat

Thursday, June 19. Sinister, loud, abrasive — product delivered exactly as described.

- Jun 20, 2014

Background/Composition: UNCHARTED DIY stars WTCHS do brooding noise pop from a secret lair in Hamilton, Ontario.

Doin' It Live: B+

WTCHS have gone from battering tiny jam rooms and DIY spaces to larger stages quickly, and they've tightened their goods — gritty, textural pop — to make sure that not one of your cover charge dollars are misspent.

WTCHS - Over Kilmer (Official Video)

WTCHS-Brand Antique Restoration Services: A+

After WTCHS' intense guitar sandblasting treatment, The Boat's never looked better. They managed to shake off most of those hard-to-handle rust spots, especially around the portholes. A+. Would hire again! Very thorough.

Attraction Spells: B

Their magic is real. Whatever incantations they performed seemed to work. Impressive draw at The Boat. Crowd was genuinely into/ scared by what they were doing.


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