Weaves Report Card

NXNE ’14 Report Card: Weaves @ Massey Hall

Thursday, June 19. The liberated Toronto rock band's biggest show yet would have been an underdog story if they weren't so immediately capable.

- Jun 20, 2014

Background/Composition: One EP down and the Toronto rock upstarts took the stage at one of the city's most prestigious venues. Did NXNE jump the gun? Find out below.

No!: A 

The Weaves EP is rock music that tastes how Monday morning cartoons in summer at age 15 post break-up, feels. On stage it might be even better?

Stage Presence: A

Jasmyn Burke is one of the best rock singers in the city, and is able to turn her voice from a jalopy to a Ferrari in half a syllable. This was matched by her shimming and sauntering around the massive stage, while also being totally commanding. But the soul of the band doesn't just lie with her: Morgan Waters gave the sound system a roar of a comic book villain's distorted guitar and Zach Bines's legwork on bass revealed his lines to be the band's unsung energy crystal.

Weaves - Buttercup [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Actually "Weirdo" Music: A

Too much music brands itself as "weirdo" without issuing any sort of challenge, but Weaves routinely put themselves in positions where they could fall flat on their face. Their winning streak continues, from making scene-oblivious, wanton and pristine rock n'roll to playing a fantastic set in a space with folding seats older than them.


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