Odonis Odonis Report Card

NXNE Report Card ’14: Odonis Odonis @ Yonge-Dundas Square

Thursday, June 19. Something loud and menacing to get the street preachers doing overtime.

- Jun 20, 2014

Background/Composition: Odonis Odonis are Toronto-based industrial noise rock. For fans of Big Black, The Normal, and Nine Inch Nails.

Stage Command: B+

Probably the largest venue the three-piece has ever played. Not only did it sound unusually well — apparently abrasive, sample-based music travels well — for a Yonge-Dundas Show, but frontman Dean Tzenos exorcized a few demons to please these eyes, too (not that they need the full-on NIN live show, but a little, spirited "rocking out" can go a long way when you're just three dudes in a massive, concrete forum).

Programming: B

Sure, this would have made a whole lot more sense in front of Swans at Y-D on Friday, instead of two spots before Danny Brown, but I'll take the gristly and vanguard in the most public of theatres whenever I can get it.

Delivering On Your (imagined?) Mandate: A

I feel this probably makes good on an NXNE mandate of some sort — something about being a platform for promoting local bands. Yes, the 45-day radius is shit, but the idea that the fest will up the stakes and put a hometown artist in front of a lot of people is a sweet cherry atop the whole pile.


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