NXNE 2014 Questionnaire: Evy Jane

We emailed a bunch of questions to Canadian acts playing at NXNE 2014. Here's what Evy Jane had to say.

- Jun 20, 2014
The merits of NXNE are up for debate, but what isn't are the great new Canada-based bands and musicians that play every year. We've assembled a series of mini-profiles of some smaller acts you should check out.
Evy Jane  answered the "What do you play?" question so you can just read that below. They play The Adelaide Hall tonight at midnight with Ryan Hemsworth and Teebs.

What do you play?

Psychedelic RnB

Where are you from and what's your favourite thing to do there?

Vancouver, going to the beach, listening to records, wondering around in giant trees.

What were you doing before you started answering these questions?

Making some lobster.

What present should a fan bring for you to the gig to show their appreciation?


What's your favourite show you've ever played?

We played last summer at this festival called Basscoast. There was a huge thunderstorm just before our set and we were told that it may not be safe to play. But right before our show got called off, the storm cleared and there was a freaking double rainbow right above the stage. It was cathartic! The static and the release.

What's your favourite thing on the Internet right now?

Hubble: Timelapse of V838 Monocerotis (2002-2006) [1080p]

What's your favourite summer activity?

Did I mention the beach?

Are you working on any new music? Describe its sound using a food analogy.

Ya. New LP out later this year.

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