Speedy Ortiz Report Card

NXNE ’14 Report Card: Speedy Ortiz @ The Mod Club

Thursday, June 19. Northampton, MA’s indie rock sensations returned to Toronto to kick ass and buy comic books.

- Jun 20, 2014

Background/Composition: Speedy Ortiz craft lyrical, winding pop songs out of mathy, unresolving guitar lines, recalling a huge range of influences from Jawbox to Marnie Stern.

Seamless Transition Between Guitarists: B+

When Speedy Ortiz announced their current North American tour earlier this summer, it followed the news that their guitarist, Matt Robidoux was on “indefinite hiatus” from the band. The transition itself was likely a challenge, but newcomer Devin McKnight (Grass Is Green) fits in with the group nicely. He acted as a solid support for lead-Speedy Sadie Dupuis’ own jagged fretwork.

Speedy Ortiz - Gary

Local Cred: B

It’s no secret they’re a bit nerdy, or at least, the secret was out once Dupuis introduced the song “Gary” as being about Pokemon. She then dropped that the band’s favourite comic book shop was right here in Toronto at The Beguiling.

Overall Performance: B

Though most will probably want to head to their more intimate performance taking place tonight at the Horseshoe along with Carkpark labelmates Greys, Speedy Ortiz are unlikely to play it any differently. The Mod Club is a sizeable venue, one they might not be able to fill on their own, but complimented their sound well.


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