Pissed Jeans Report Card

NXNE ’14 Report Card: Pissed Jeans @ The Mod Club

Thursday, June 19. Pissed Jeans were a beam of sarcastic light.

- Jun 20, 2014

Background/Composition: Known for taking very human failings and skewering them over bludgeoning noise rock, Pissed Jeans have developed a strong, dedicated following in the span of their 10 year career.

Pissed Jeans - Bathroom Laughter (not the video)

Stage Banter: A+

When Pissed Jeans’ frontman Matt Korvette informed the audience at the beginning of their set that NXNE had got their information all wrong and they were now going by: “Virgin Mobile Pissed Jeans,” I knew we were in for a treat. A Pissed Jeans set is a comedy show and noise rock show all rolled into one, something along the lines of being punched in the face by a very sad, but still hilarious, clown. He also enlightened the crowd on some advanced musical theory, how Toronto audiences need to hear about a musician’s dick length, and how it’d been a good idea to eat a burrito beforehand.

Crowd Surfing: A

One guy, three attempts, zero victories.

Welcome Respite From #branding: B

Despite being bombarded by strategic branding at the venue and the festival overall, seeing Pissed Jeans performed their elemental blend of punk and rock cut through it all, a reaffirming moment for why I attend festivals like these in the first place. Only a band comfortable in its own skin can have a frontman as audacious as Korvette. Think Nick Cave or David Yow.

Venue: F

Though the band was loud, I could still hear and feel the bass coming from Mana bar below us. That, coupled with having to be kicked out of the venue by 11pm made it feel like we were mostly inconveniencing the Mod Club by being there.


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