Monomyth Report Card

NXNE Report Card ’14: Monomyth @ Handlebar

Wednesday, June 18. Halifax jangle-psych rockers like to sing about getting high, but they're very, very together.

- Jun 19, 2014

Background/Composition: Halifax's Monomyth split the difference between spacey psych janglers and crunchy '90s East Coasters, glued together with serious pop songcraft. Their upcoming album Saturnalia Regalia! should be a solid part of Mint Records' recent revival.

Togetherness:  B+

Apparently it was the bassist's second show, "and the first was two hours ago." You'd never know it. The band was seriously tight, the interlocking guitar parts (a la Television) doing a lot of the talking. The dudes like to sing about getting high and goof on James Brown and AC/DC between songs, but they aren't space cadets themselves.

Venue: B

With all the talk of NXNE's slimy corporate expansion (try as you might, I'm never going to call the Horseshoe the Budweiser Music House), Handlebar had a nice character-filled local bar vibe: gold bikes hanging from wood-panelled walls, good beer on tap, no sightlines (but we'll let that one slide). And the sound guy was eating a bag of chips. Not sure why that's funny, but it was.

Brad's Review: Great!

"Great sound," yelled some guy in the crowd. "Thanks, Brad," replied a member of Monomyth. No clue who Brad is, but he was right. For a band like Monomyth it's all about the guitar tone; the jangle has to be just right. And it was. So, so satisfying.


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